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Lake Tahoe Ski Boots For Sale

When looking for ski boots in Lake Tahoe you want to make sure you're getting the best deal in the area. You want not only the best price, but the best fit for your feet. You're looking for a boot that will stay with you for years and get better with age. A lot of ski boots either don't last very long, or end up creating pressure points that makes skiing for long periods of time uncomfortable. Here at Tom Wohrman Sports, we offer custom ski boot fitting that will rock your world because we have over 40 years of experince and open year round. We will provide you with boots that will hands down be the best fitting boots you've ever worn. Aside from that our boots will last you multiple seasons and get better with age. Can you image skiing without your feet hurting at the end of the day? We can. We believe you deserve the right to ski as long as you want, in the best ski boots possible.

With any great boots you'll need skis that match, check out our Lake Tahoe skis for sale.

First Degree Boot Stormtrooper ST 2

first degree st2

New for 2013 from First Degree Boots comes the Stormtrooper ST 2. This ski boot is based off the “cult classic” three piece shell design. The ST 2 is the stiffer version of First Degree's ST1 and comes with the ability to interchange tongues, a Ski/Hike mode and 5 different forward lean settings. Along with the three-piece design comes a smaller footprint meaning a size 27 takes up the room a 25 would. The First Degree Stormtrooper ST 2 comes with a World Cup DFP compression rebound liner, a.k.a., this fully heat moldable liner doesn’t pack out.

First Degree Boot Stormtrooper ST 1

First Degree Stormtrooper ST 1

The First Degree Stormtrooper ST 1 is an all-new boot for 2013 from Icelantic's new ski boot company First Degree. Boasting a classic three-piece shell design. The ST1 has an adjustable flex due to interchangeable tongues, 5 forward lean settings, and a Ski/ Walk mode. The shell is designed to have a smaller footprint on the ski; in short, a size 27 takes up the space of a 25. The Stormtrooper ST1 Features a World Cup DFP compression rebound liner, basically, this fully heat moldable double lasted liner doesn’t pack out.

DaleBoot VFF

daleboot vff

Designed for skiers who require greater levels of forward flex while pounding bumps, skiing powder, freeriding, touring or just cruising in comfort. The VFF's independent flex pattern design provides the same lateral stiffness as the VFF Pro, but then allows the skier to further adjust their level of forward flexion to between 12 and 27°'s. As with the Pro, the VFF is fully customized to the individual's foot and lower leg volumes, widths & dimensions, producing a high performance boot that is both comfortable and warm.

DaleBoot VFF Pro

daleboot vff pro

The VFF PRO is the preferred boot of Wiley Miller; Professional Skier, DaleBoot Rider & Featured Athlete for Level 1 Productions. It's designed for skiers who desire a more upright, stiffer boot. The 10 to 18° flex pattern can be finely tuned to obtain the optimal level for each skier. The independent flex pattern design allows for progressive forward flexion, while providing an unrivaled lateral stiffness for enhanced power transfer to the edge of a race ski to the widest 'fat boy'. The overlapping spat system maintains the shell's integrity through all aspects of the turn and the wrap around cuff allows the skier to very easily enter & exit the boot. All DaleBoot models come standard with the Heat Fit IV liner, in-boot stance balancing in both the frontal (lateral) and sagittal (fore & aft) planes of motion and on-ski cant correction through DaleBoot's replaceable and cantable soles. DaleBoot utilizes virgin polyether TPU in the construction of all boots, resulting in a very light, but durable shell that maintains modifications for the life of the shell.

DaleBoot ST

daleboot st

Designed for skiers who desire a super stiff set up. The ST's vertical medial cuff provides increased edging capabilities by positioning the foot closer to the inside edge of the ski. It consists of 3 layers of progressively stiffer and thicker plastic that operate independently, allowing the boot to move with the skier's foot & lower leg in a smooth, yet firm fashion; boosting lateral stability & stiffness to enhance power transfer. The overlapping spat system, a key design component across all DaleBoot models, maintains last shape integrity through all aspects of the turn. Like the VFF Series, the ST is 100% custom made and comes standard with in-boot and on-ski stance balancing and alignment.

This boot is built for speed... If you're looking for a very stiff set up, The ST is the DaleBoot model for you..



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